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FHL 2015 - Where It All Began...

Looking Back, I Was Absolutely Terrified

Looking back, I was absolutely terrified that nobody would come to our first event…

I think every first-time event host probably has that fear.

I knew the VISION of what I wanted Funnel Hacking LIVE to be…

I knew we could change a ton of lives if I could just get people in the seats...









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And that first year, we sold 638 tickets (which seems so small now, but we were sooo excited at the time!)

Yet for some reason, when the day came, I was still so worried that nobody would actually come to the event.

And what if they did come?

These people had invested their hard-earned money (and sacrificed time away from their family) to fly to Las Vegas, and spend 3 days learning how to improve their business…

Would They Like It?- Would They Have Any Fun? - Would They Think It’s ‘Worth It’?

Would any of them actually be in their seats for the sessions?

I didn’t want it to be like many of the other stuffy conferences or internet marketing events that I had been to. (those were boring, and I didn’t want it to be a snooze-fest).

I didn’t want everyone gathering in the hallways to network while the sessions were happening.

I wanted people in their seat, losing track of time because they were so focused on soaking up all of the information.

So I brought in Devon Brown, a high-energy emcee who I’d seen at a previous event that I loved.

I hired him to help bring that same special energy and buzz I felt when I saw him on stage at an event.

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I Wanted It To Feel Like A 3-Day Rock Concert!

Then the day of the event finally came…

And as I walked down from my hotel room to the conference area, I could hear the music PUMPING…

And the closer I got, my heart started beating faster…

I couldn’t figure out if I was more nervous, or just really excited that this was finally happening!

I could feel the almost electric ENERGY of the crowd before I even arrived at the event room!

And that’s the moment I KNEW that we had created something very special (and dare I say magical…)

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The Launch Of The Dream Car Contest...

We had 90 active affiliates that we wrote a check to each month, and we were looking to grow that number.

So at our first FHL, we asked the audience “What’s YOUR Dream Car?”

This question was the backbone of our big launch for the event, the Dream Car Affiliate Contest.

We had to find a venue with LOTS of space, because we brought in two cars INSIDE to showcase…

The first was my personal Dream Car - a “ClickFunnels blue” Corvette that I leased, which I ended up driving for YEARS!

And, we gave away a “ClickFunnels red” Ferrari to Jeff Walker, who was the TOP affiliate for the DotCom Secrets book affiliate contest!

We also wanted to reward our TOP affiliates who had been working so hard to draw in new ClickFunnels users…

So we invited 15 or 20 affiliates who were at the TOP of the leaderboard to a day of FUN and adventure! We all met up at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville for dinner, and then took everyone to the race track to play with all sorts of exotic luxury cars (in honor of our Dream Car launch)...

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Our First Round Tables Event & All-Night Hack-A-Thon…

I knew that I wanted our attendees to be able to sit down with entrepreneurs who were having huge success with their funnels, so they could learn from them…

There is POWER in proximity, right?

I wanted to have giant tables where entrepreneurs at ALL stages of their journey could hang out and ask their burning questions to people who have been in their shoes…

So we created the “RoundTable Event”... and started with about 15 Round Tables (It’s crazy to see how much this event has grown since then!)

And I even hosted a table as well!

At night, Funnel Hackers gathered in the hallways and camped out on the floor into the wee hours of the morning to immediately apply what they had just learned. The goal was to get their funnel BUILT (even if it was imperfect), so they had something to launch, and data they could work with.

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Creating Impact Through World Teacher Aid

When we started Funnel Hacking LIVE, I knew that I wanted to directly SHOW the impact they can create as entrepreneurs.

I wanted each person to see that the bigger their business grows, the more CHANGE they can create in their own special way.

So I invited Stu McLaren of World Teacher Aid to the event, and presented him with a giant $12,500 check to help his organization build schools in African villages!

It was such a powerful moment for both Stu AND everyone at the event, that we’ve invited Stu back to every Funnel Hacking LIVE since…

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ClickFunnels Certified

CF Certified Program

Towards the end of the event we launched the CF Certified program.

Funnel Hackers had the chance to invest in an in-depth $10K funnel-building curriculum that positioned them as a ‘ClickFunnels Certified Partner’, who were trained personally by our CF funnel-building team.

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