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FHL 2018 - We Doubled The Funnel Hacker Attendees!


FHL 2018 Was Nothing Short Of Magical

For so many reasons! First of all, we decided to have the event on at the Disney Coronado Springs Resort.

Not only was it able to house our 3,000+ attendees (which was more than DOUBLE the amount of event registrants from the year before!), but it made for a completely different location and environment than we were used to with previous venues.

Plus, with it being a Disney property, many attendees brought their families and added a few sight-seeing days to their trip on either side of the event. (And my family did the same!)









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I wanted to choreograph this particular FHL event in a way that would help take any entrepreneur (no matter where they were at in their journey) to the next level in their business…

We had brand new entrepreneurs (some who didn’t even have a product of their own just yet) sitting next to multi-million dollar business owners…

So I knew that I had to carefully deliver messages during these 3 days that would deeply resonate with ALL phases of business owners, whether they were trying to scale from 0-$1M, $1M-$10M, or $10M-$100M…

For those who were trying to generate their first 7-figures, I put the focus on the “What” and the “How”... (meaning, WHAT are you selling, and HOW are you selling it?)

For the entrepreneurs aiming to scale their business to 8-figures, I shared 3 simple scaling strategies to help them reach that $10M mark…

And for those entrepreneurs who had already mastered those skills, and were shooting for the $100M milestone, I shared how to start scaling their business even further, without taking up more of their time…

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Tony Robbins Spent ALL Afternoon Getting Everyone In The Right STATE To Create Massive Change!

2017 was such a hit with Tony Robbins as our FHL keynote speaker, I wanted to invite him back for a 2nd year!

And when the time came for Tony to speak, people were camped out waiting for the event doors to open so they could be the first inside to get the best seats!

Then the music started pumping…

And lights started echoing the beat...

Immediately, the energy (which was already high to begin with) shifted, and people were out of their seats…

And then you heard the iconic phrase bellowing through the entire venue...


Ever wondered what would feel like to see 3,000+ entrepreneurs ON THEIR FEET going crazy and soaking up every word?

It was a sensory overload of the most incredible kind… you could feel the base of the speakers pumping practically throughout your body, and you could actually FEEL the floor of the venue shake and move just a little from all the attendees jumping up and down.

We told everyone that the event would be over “whenever Tony was done”, and he spoke for several HOURS making sure that everyone was in a peak state of mind to create CHANGE, so they could go home and apply what they had learned to their business.

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So Much Success Sparked A BRAND NEW Award!

Many entrepreneurs were seeing SO much success, that it caused us to create something pretty cool in 2017...

In fact, 17 entrepreneurs passed the $10 Million mark inside of their ClickFunnels funnel...

And we thought that was something truly worth celebrating!

So we created a NEW award…

We called it the “Two Comma Club X” award...and we presented it to all the entrepreneurs who had reached the 8-figure milestone with one of their funnels!

Not only did our 17 recipients get to walk across the FHL stage and accept their giant award plaque, but we also surprised them with a superbowl-sized ring worth as a special thank you from ClickFunnels!

The ‘Two Comma Club X’ Coaching Program Launched (And Was A MASSIVE Success!)

Towards the end of the event, we launched our ‘Two Comma Club X’ Coaching program for the first time…This opportunity was only open for a few days for people who attended FHL!

As I was presenting and announcing the brand new high-end coaching program, people started cheering and getting excited!

That’s when I knew we had created something that solves a major need among our community…

Before I had even finished my offer, people were flocking to the back of the room to sign up for “2CCX” coaching. I still remember standing on stage delivering my pitch, while watching crowds of people get up out of their seat to go register for our coaching program!

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By the time the offer closed at the end of the event,we enrolled 611 entrepreneurs into the Two Comma Club X coaching program!

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We Joined The Fight To Help FREE Children From An Unimaginable Life...

In 2018, I wanted to introduce someone new to FHL…

Someone very special, and close to my heart...

I met Tim Ballard who headed up an organization called Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.), and he shared with me his mission to put an END to modern-day slavery, and save children from sex trafficking rings. After hearing story after story of how his team of operatives planned and carried out rescue missions all over the world to find and rescue children, I knew I wanted to help in whatever way I could…

ClickFunnels helped produce a documentary that shined a light on the issue of child trafficking, and the MILLIONS of children who are waiting to be rescued…
I wanted as many people to know about this as possible…

I wanted them to care as much as I did, and to take a stand and join the fight against modern-day slavery with us…

So I decided to feature the documentary the first night of the FHL event...
After the funnel-hacking presentations were finished on the first day of the event, we invited everyone back for a private screening of the O.U.R film called “Operation Toussaint”.

The documentary followed Tim Ballard and his operative team into the darkest, most evil corners of Earth to seek out and arrest a Haitian trafficking ring, and rescue the children from an unimaginable life of sex-slavery.

Neither Tim nor I (or anyone in the audience) had seen the film LIVE yet…
So, to say that emotions ran HIGH as we all watched this documentary together was a major understatement. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the entire room…

But what touched me the most was how our Funnel Hackers responded…
They joined the fight, and together as a room of entrepreneurs, we generated $1,013,772 for O.U.R. in just 72 hours!

We also presented a check to World Teacher Aid for the 4th year in a row! As a community, we built a total of $133,737 funnels inside ClickFunnels throughout the year…

...so we sent Stu and Amy McLaren home with $133,737 to continue with their school-building mission in Kenya!

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