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The Orlando World Center Marriott

With 4,674 attendees, FHL 2022 was our BIGGEST year yet! This was our 2nd year in a row in Orlando, which attendees LOVED! This year, we moved to the Orlando World Center Marriott - which allowed for more space and seating to accommodate our growing event!

In 2022, many businesses around the world were still trying to recover from the ripple effect of the last two years of Covid and restrictions. We wanted to focus on how to adapt, simplify your business, and THRIVE (instead of just survive) in the changing economy. Times changed, inflation was on the rise, 

 gas and food prices are higher than ever. And Economists predicted that we were headed for one of the worst recessions in history. On top of that, the ONLINE business world has changed.

And yet, in the midst of ALL of this, many entrepreneurs and marketers are still THRIVING more than ever! So we wanted to answer the question… “What are the Top 1% wealthy entrepreneurs doing…that the other 99% are not?” This was the basis for our 4-day event. We invited over __ speakers from around the world to come share their frameworks, strategies, mindset, and funnels with our attendees…and it did NOT disappoint!









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We Added FOUR New ‘Deep Dive’ WORKSHOPS!

At FHL 2021, we switched things up, and added several interactive WORKSHOPS in the evening, where attendees could dive deeper into developing one of 4 specific skill sets…

We provided a delicious “grab & go” meal, and Funnel Hackers brought their dinner and their laptops straight into the workshop, so they could get hands-on, and IMPLEMENT what they learned on the spot.

It was SUCH a hit, this was one of our most requested activities that attendees wanted to see us bring back!

So that’s exactly what we did - this time, with a new twist!

In 2022, we held 4 NEW ‘deep dive’ workshops, and attendees could pick which one they wanted to attend LIVE, based on the entrepreneurial PATH that they’ve chosen, including:

  • Agency Workshop - with Stephanie Dove Blake
  • Ecommerce Workshop - with Dave Lindenbaum
  • Info-Products Workshop - with Preston & Lauren Anderson
  • Webinar Workshop - with Anthony Morrison
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We Presented A BRAND NEW Award - The ‘Bootstrapped’ Award!

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Last year, we announced that there would be a new award coming…
Each year at FHL, we host an awards ceremony where attendees who have reached certain milestones in their business can walk across the stage and be recognized.

But there WASN’T an award for celebrating marketers and entrepreneurs like us, who have built their business from the ground up, without taking on any venture capital backing.

So Russell created one…and called it the Bootstrapped Award!

During the Bootstrapped awards, Russell recognized entrepreneurs across 10 different industry categories, and then presented the ‘Bootstrapped Entrepreneur Of The Year’ Award!

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Dan Kennedy & Russell Hosted A Very Special Evening Session Together!

For the 2nd year in a row, we had the rare chance to learn from marketing legend, Dan Kennedy!

During their time together on stage, Dan and Rusesll brought us back to the very beginning of marketing funnels (before there were funnels)...kind of like a Funnel GENESIS.

He talked about the TIMELESS marketing building blocks that funnels are built upon…

By the end of the presentation, attendees not only understood funnels better, but they could see WHY funnels as we know them today work

And they could identify the same effective marketing principles being used for years and years BEFORE the internet was even a spark of an idea!

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The BIG News That Everyone Was
Holding Their Breath For…
ClickFunnels 2.0!

In 2021, Russell and Todd stood on stage and made the exciting announcement that something MAJOR was coming - and they called it ClickFunnels 2.0! They talked about all the new development and features that were planned, and how they were completely rebuilding a NEW ClickFunnels platform from the ground up. Month after month, the CF world grew excited, and held their breath waiting for it to launch.

Slowly throughout the year they tested the first features with a few small group beta-testers… They got feedback, tested and tweaked, and repeated the process to get things just right.

FINALLY, in 2022 at FHL it was time to announce that they were READY! ClickFunnels 2.0 would be making its initial launch to the public...with NEW exciting features, including:

…all in an effort to help you do what we do best - get more people to your website, and turn them into happy customers!

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We Launched Our NEW
Funnel Builder Certification Program!

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Russell shared how to become a work-from-home Funnel Builder (and true to the overarching theme of the event, he shared how it actually works better in times of RECESSION - like right now - than it does when times are great.)

Every day, ClickFunnels gets (on average) over 1,823+ signing up for ClickFunnels…and most of them don’t want to BUILD a funnel. They just want a funnel. He recognized that there was SO much opportunity for Funnel Builders, and SO much demand from people who needed funnels built for them. So he created the Funnel Builder Certification Program, where you can ‘learn while you earn’...meaning you can LEARN how to master the art and science of funnel building, and EARN money as you build funnels for people, and get better and better!

The Funnel Builder Certification program gives you a deep dive into the foundational strategy AND the technical ‘how to’ of building all the common types of funnels. Once Certified in a particular funnel type, you get a special Certification Badge that you can promote your mastery and skill-set to others who are looking to hire a funnel builder!

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AND, Marcus Lemonis Came Back For His 2nd FHL Experience To Close Out The Event!

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In 2016, Marcus Lemonis spoke at Funnel Hacking LIVE in San Diego, CA (our 2nd FHL event!) to a room of 1,300 attendees. And 6 years later, FHL attendees from that year were STILL sharing their major ‘a-ha moments’ with us from Marcus’s powerful presentation, and how it was a catalyst to help them grow their business!

So by popular demand, we brought Marcus Lemonis BACK! But this time at FHL 2022, instead of speaking to a room of 1,300 attendees, he presented to a fully packed convention center of 5,000 Funnel Hackers from around the world!

He shared MORE wisdom, MORE personal stories about his journey to success, and MORE tangible ideas and strategies that our attendees could take home and IMPLEMENT to help them grow their online business!

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